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Hi D. I am 12 years old turning 13 and I have a crush on this guy. We dont have any classes together but we have friends in common and I think he likes me back. What do I do?? Help!

hi! You are really lucky that you guys have friends in common because you have made it 100 times easier to get to know him and hang out with him! Sometime when your hanging out with one of the friends you guys have in common, maybe you can invite him to come along too. Get his phone number and send him a text inviting him. It would make him really happy to see that you are making a first move. After that, just take things slowly and keep hanging out with him. If he likes you back, he will tell you and you can take it from there. First, just try to get to know him really well and become friends. Also, dont be afraid to flirt a little bit, be yourself and I bet he will like you. Good luck! XOXO